How to Retrieve MKV Files on Mac OS X

MKV is a popularly known video file format that stores number of video, audio and animation tracks in a single file. Popularly, MKV file is of Matroska Multimedia container, which keep track of entire video files in a well organized way. Further, the best part of this video file format is that, it is easily playable on every multimedia devices with minimum resource utilization. Moreover, due to its high uploading and downloading speed the MKV file has been widely used over the Internet also. However, in spite of all these features and facilities, the MKV file is still prone to corruption. As a result, none of the stored or downloaded file is going to respond. Apart from that, it has also been reported that MKV file fails to play and start throwing several error messages, which is quite awkward situation for any one of us. But, now you don’t have to worry any more, because you can easily be able to retrieve MKV files on Mac OS X.

How MKV File Gets Damage?

It might happen due to;

  • Unintentional file deletion,
  • Improper file formatting,
  • Malware intrusion,
  • Using unsupported video platform,
  • Technical issues,
  • Logical errors, etc.

Possible Way to Recover Deleted MKV Files

If your saved MKV file got deleted or become invisible then examine your trash folder, because if anyhow your saved file got deleted it remains in trash folder of your Mac system. However, if there is no any file in your Mac trash then, make use of time machine backup. It is well supported inbuilt utility which creates a backup of your files at regular basis and protect your data from permanent deletion. However, even this option also fails to retrieve MKV file on Mac OS X then relying on third party digital photo recovery software is the best option.

Digital Photo Recovery Software: Best Tool to Recover MKV Files

Digital photo recovery software is really a best tool that came to your rescue. Its high end scanning algorithm performs deep scan of your entire storage media and retrieve MKV files on Mac OS X. Apart from its recovery part, digital photo recovery software also offer interactive graphical user interface which really makes the recovery process simpler. More while, the tool also provides the facility to see the preview of scanned and recovered MKV video.

Digital Photo Recovery Software: User’s Guide

Step 1. Download, install and launch digital photo recovery software.

Step 2. Select the multimedia drive from where the MKV file get lost and then click on Start Scan option.

Step 3. In this step, select the required file that has to be recovered and press Start Scan button.

Step 4. Now, see the preview of recoverable images after scanning.

Step 5. After that, all the recovered MKV file get stored in different folders according to their category.

Step 6. Finally select the specific location to save the recovered video file.



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